Enchanted Tales

This has devolved from something serious into me spending time in all the fandoms. I spend my life watching Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Firefly, Nikita, Avengers etc.

Recently I have been on a massive sci fi binge. So, inspired by historymiss, I wanted to celebrate some of the awesome women in these shows:

Starbuck - Badass pilot

B’Elanna - Head Engineer, strong and independent

Captain Janeway - Manages to lead with humour and grace for years while they are lost in space.

Deanna Troi - epitomises “female emotion” initially, but is also the captain’s most trusted adviser and becomes a commander. 

Zoe - does this need explaining?

Beverly Crusher - Head Medic of the federation flagship - also, she is the only one who can tell the captain to step down from his post because she thinks he’s not fit

Aeryn - she’s fierce 

Can you tell I’m something of a trekkie? 

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